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"I worked on several high level projects with Stefan for SAP’s global communications team. Stefan’s creativity really elevated each deliverable. I appreciated his input and direction on simplifying our corporate messaging but maximizing the entertainment value. Stefan’s animation style is unique. I particularly liked his retro-inspired looks. He’s also a team player, organized and collaborative. In the 21st century, storytelling needs to break through the noise. Stefan is a great resource for any big brand to have in their comms toolkit."

-Megan Meany, Creative Director, SAP Global Communications

"Stefan is one of the most talented page designers I have worked with in my 30-year career in publishing. Not only is he brilliant in his execution of print and web design and layout, he is flexible, reliable and extremely dedicated. He will stay until the job is done and work on a project until all parties are happy with the result. He is patient and calm under pressure."

-Elaine Ray, Director of Communications and Web Strategy at Stanford University

"Stefan's curiosity, talent and creativity make him a brilliant artist, illustrator and designer. His warmth, his infectious sense of humor and his passion for his work make him an excellent team mate. I hope I get to work with Stefan again."

-Wayne Wight, Senior Engineering Manager at Box

"Stefan's creativity and passion really brought our vision to life. Not only is he a really skilled animator and graphic artist, but he's curious about what we do and learns quickly, which makes his work even more effective. Most important, his videos are always a huge hit with our viewers! We've used them for everything from executive keynotes at influencer events to marketing campaigns, so working with Stefan really helped us to communicate our message to a wide variety of audiences".

-Robin Meyerhoff, Senior Director, Content Team, Global Corporate Affairs at SAP

"Stefan was great at managing Luminous Family Trust - always a patient and helpful manager keeping things running, but also a true leader in the sense of inventing new things we should try, creating new music for us to play, and finding new places to play.
Musicians aren't easy to work with, and Stefan always knew the way to soothe sensitive egos and get people to bring out their creative best."

-Jason Freidenfelds, Senior PR Manager at Google


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Creative Director, Illustrator, Music Composer and Founder, Stefan Gustafsson has been creating dynamic, visual experiences for over 15 years. Numerous organizations including Stanford University, Leap Frog, and Delphi Group have partnered with him on projects for syndicated TV, trade shows, documentaries, digital campaigns, games and mobile interfaces.

Stefan is known for turning complex subjects into captivating, entertaining, results-driven pieces. He can confidently lead teams from his network of animators, film makers, VR artists and copy writers through the whole creative process - from brainstorm, through development, to final delivery.

He currently lives in Oakland, CA with his family.